Land for Emergency Shelter

Price: Only $100/mth ($1,200 + HST Due Upfront)
Size: approx 5,000 square feet of land
Usage: Ideal for building Emergency all-Season Bunkies or Cabins
Location: off-grid, off-road access
Included: Land only (Secluded and Private)
Not Included: Shipping container/Shelter, Delivery, Construction, Installation, Temperature Control, Power as well as any Food supply, Emergency Items and all other accessories must be supplied by the Buyer.
Security: Security Fence, Gated, 24-hour Surveillance
Number of Lots available: 21spots remaining in 2019 (First come, first serve)

Bunkie Kits available: starting $4,995 – $6,995 + HST



  • bunker911com-land-for-lease
    Located on all year access road



**Illustrations and floorplans are for visual representation only and are not be exactly as shown. As the demand grows and we receive more feedback, we will be updating the website with more specific content and information. Please contact us at for more information.**