We are building individual bunkers of approx 225 square feet each with a 5,000 sq ft shared-facility starting at only $69,999 per person or $ 89,999 per couple. As we finalize the layout of the compound, we will have more information on the final count of bunkers available (currently we have 30-40 spots available for Phase 1) within the Shared facility.
We are now offering individual bunkers and double bunkers for family-sized units. Individual bunkers will be approx 400 sq ft or living space starting at $29,999. Family bunkers will be approx 800 sq ft or living space starting at $59,999, with no shared facility attached.
We will be stocking the pantry with a variety of typical canned, freeze-dried and packed food consisting of vegetables, fruit, meats, rice, etc., with expiration dates ranging from 1-20 years. We cannot provide custom meals or cater to individuals with food sensitivities.
The medication and emergency supplies will consist of basic medications such as Tylenol, Advil, Cough medicine, first-aid supplies, etc. It will not include personal medication specific to each individual such as insulin or heart or blood pressure medication. Each individual is responsible to bring their own prescription medicine.
We are located less than 4 hours from Downtown Toronto, Ontario. Situated in a private, secluded area within an acceptable driving distance, but far away enough from chaotic, over-populated epic centres that may cause rapid illness, civil unrest and death. For security purposes, the actual location will never be disclosed to the public.
We will have several treadmills, exercise bikes and a couple training stations available.
Among the couches and chairs, there will be a pool table, darts, a table for various games including board games.
Many different seeds will be provided to grow such produce as tomatoes, lettuce; carrots, strawberries and many more.
Along with a CB/Ham Radio, computer and audio, visual equipment, we will equip the Communications room with surveillance and security equipment.
The Armoury will contain various self-defence and safety equipment. We will update a list of exact items once we've chosen the essential equipment.
The Workshop will contain various standard tools such as hammers, pliers, saws, clamps, etc. Also, it will contain machines such as drills, saws, sanders, etc. Finally, some of the building materials will include wood, metal, nails, screws, etc.
With the composting container, all organic food waste will be converted into fertilizer used for supplying the hydroponics room.
Solar panels will be installed outside as a primary source of power. Secondly, a generator will be installed as a redundant system in case solar panels are damaged or there is no sun. Thirdly, wood-burning stoves will be available in case other systems become inoperable. Other equipment will be crank-operated or powered by battery, which we will stock up on, as yet another backup plan.
A NBC air filtration system will be installed to purify and assist in the air flow. Likewise, a carbon, water purification system will be installed to filter the water. We will also install a rain collection system and drill a well to have redundant systems in place.
The answer from Atlas Survival Shelters is : 'This depends on the shelter, but to give you a rough idea, the small shelters typically average around $5,000 and the larger shelters which are around 500 square feet cost between $15,000 - $20,000 USD. Also Freight is about $3 per mile on long distance shipments and cross-border fees from USA need to added on top of the cost.
In Canada, we need to be at least 10 feet under the surface to protect the temperature in the shelter from the freezing ground.
The fee is to cover some of the administrative duties and obligations such as meeting and registration of potential owners, documentation and planning, procurement and including complete management of the construction of the project.
The bunkers will only be used during an Emergency situation. The intended use of the Bunkers is to have all supplies, food and equipment fully stocked during an actual emergency, not before.
Unfortunately, only individuals who registered and purchased a spot will be accepted. We will not be able to accept last minute individuals arriving. We are hoping to build a Community that is well-prepared and organized and makes safety of the registered owners a priority.
For security and safety purposes, we will have all parties involved (owners, builders, etc) sign a standard NDA. Also the actual location will never be disclosed until an actual emergency occurs. Security features will be implemented to make sure only the registered owners know where to meet in advance.
While it would be very convenient to have Jacks and Jills of all traders to be a part of our Community, we are simply looking to build a Community of like-minded individuals who want to survive and thrive together by helping each other out.
We believe a leader should be chosen by the registered owners once everyone gets to know each other. In case of emergency, once everyone has settled into the bunkers and the situation is assessed, the group can choose a person in charge, if necessary.
We welcome everyone who thinks preparing for emergencies is a good idea.
We will have a Security Room that may have a 'time out' room. We are planning this one, as we get more suggestions from the group. For starters, we will create a Community Handbook with rules and polices to help everyone stay on the same page.
2018 (Spring) ~ Registration and Sales Begin
2019 (Spring) ~ Construction Begins
2020-2021 ~ Completion of Underground Facility (Phase 1)
Financing must be arranged by the Buyer. We do not offer any monthly payment plans. A deposit of 50% will be accepted to reserve your spot, with the remaining 50% due 30 days prior to Construction in Spring of 2019.

** If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling out the form below. **